Okoora Advanced Financial Services with App Marketplace

Okoora, a pioneering provider of automated business currency management solutions, has introduced an innovative App Marketplace as part of its mission to democratize financial services, as stated in The Fintech Times. This marketplace is designed to complement Okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM) platform, offering businesses a secure and intuitive space to acquire additional services enhancing the core functionalities of the ABCM cloud-based platform.

The launch of the Okoora App Marketplace signifies a significant shift towards the democratization of financial services, aligning with the broader trend accelerated by open banking and regulatory reforms. These changes have disrupted the dominance major banks once held over traditional banking services.

As a Swiss-Israeli fintech startup, Okoora has been dedicated to improving the currency management experience for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through its ABCM platform. This marketplace is accessible to all Okoora customers, regardless of their subscription tier, providing equal opportunities for businesses to optimize their currency operations.

CEO and founder of Okoora, Benjamin Avraham, emphasized the platform’s mission, stating, «The app marketplace represents the next step towards Okoora’s mission of democratizing financial services and empowering businesses to fine-tune their currency management experience.»

Avraham further elaborated on the company’s vision to liberate businesses from the constraints of traditional banking, aiming to enhance control and efficiency in currency operations for SMEs.

Currently, the Okoora app marketplace offers a range of valuable applications catering to diverse business needs. These include «Free Outgoing Payments,» allowing companies to minimize costs through free regular payments, the «FX Expert Package,» providing expert guidance on FX management intricacies, and an «FX Hedging Policy,» enabling users to tailor FX hedging strategies to their strategic goals and operational requirements.

Founded in 2021 by Avraham, who also founded Ofakim Group, an Israel-based financial risk management firm, Okoora has rapidly grown into a global operation. The company’s team of 100 professionals spans across Israel, Switzerland, Germany, and India. With ambitious plans for further expansion in Europe, Okoora is poised to strengthen its workforce, enhancing operational capabilities to better serve its expanding clientele.

This initiative by Okoora marks a significant stride towards democratizing financial services, providing SMEs with the tools and resources necessary to navigate currency management efficiently.

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