TodayPay Partners with Visa in FinTech Fast Track Program

TodayPay, a rising player in the financial technology sector, has recently announced its participation in Visa‘s FinTech Fast Track Program, marking a significant step towards enhancing its integration with the global payments giant, as outlined in the Fintech Global news. The move aims to accelerate TodayPay’s market presence and leverage Visa’s extensive partner network and expertise.

TodayPay has already made substantial inroads in various sectors, including e-commerce, marketplace, insurance, investment, and payment technology. The company showcased its innovation at Money 2020 in Las Vegas, earning recognition as a finalist for Startup of the Year, with the winner set to be announced at the upcoming US FinTech Awards in New York City.

At the forefront of a new payments category called «Refunds as a Service,» TodayPay offers a unique, faster payment solution known as «Better Refunds™,» which are personalized, instantaneous, and offer multiple payment options. Jeremy Balkin, Founder and CEO of TodayPay Inc. and former Head of FinTech for J.P. Morgan, leads the charge in revolutionizing the world of finance with this innovative approach.

Visa, a global leader in digital payments, champions financial inclusion through its Fintech Fast Track Program, which provides startups like TodayPay access to its extensive partner network and seasoned experts for a swift market entry. This initiative aligns seamlessly with Visa’s mission to extend access to financial tools and services worldwide.

Jeremy Balkin, Founder and CEO of TodayPay Inc., expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, «TodayPay is the world’s first faster payment solution helping merchants offer their customers a Better Refund alternative to the status quo because it’s a refund that’s personalized, instant, and available in multiple payment choices. Visa is a world leader in digital payments, and we’re honored that TodayPay has been invited to join their ‘network of networks’ through this initiative.»

He further emphasized, «TodayPay is honored to join the Visa ‘network of networks’ through this initiative and transform payments together. Time is money, and the speed of a payment can change somebody’s life. Approximately $1.4tn of refund payments flow through an inflexible, monolithic, and broken part of the payments ecosystem. TodayPay is here to fix the problem.»

Patrick Williams, VP and Head of Accounts, Global and North America Fintech Partnerships at Visa, commented, «Expanding access to financial tools and services is core to Visa’s purpose — uplifting everyone everywhere — and we’re excited to work with companies like TodayPay in bringing new solutions and approaches to this challenge.»

«By joining Visa’s FinTech Fast Track program, TodayPay gains access to Visa’s scale, security, reach, and network of partners, which can help rapidly growing fintechs get to market faster.»

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