Relevantz and Fiserv: Pioneering Fintech Innovation

In a dynamic landscape where innovation is the currency of success, Relevantz, a prominent player in the fintech sector, is forging ahead with its transformative partnership with Fiserv, according to Louis Thompsett, Fintech Magazine. Georgie John, the Senior Director of Client Success at Relevantz, recently shed light on his role and the significance of this collaboration in a conversation with Financial Insights.

Despite his relatively short tenure at Relevantz, Georgie John has already made a substantial impact in his capacity as the front-facing lead for clients. His role involves cultivating and nurturing relationships with strategic partners, with Fiserv being a paramount player in this dynamic ecosystem. Georgie highlights the unique culture at Relevantz that emphasizes collaborative learning with clients while providing unwavering support.

Reflecting on his journey thus far, Georgie notes, «It’s been a great learning experience in the last few months, and great to join a culture that is intent on learning with clients as well as supporting them. I’ve been able to bring skills from my previous experiences, some good practices that I hope to pass along to the team here while building stronger relationships with our customers.»

Fiserv, one of Relevantz’s most significant clients, has been a partner since the inception of Relevantz as a product services company. While product engineering remains rooted in Relevantz’s DNA, the company has evolved into a comprehensive software engineering and end-to-end service provider. Georgie adds, «We want to give partners the power to not just help their customers but also to become trusted advisors for their customers.»

Georgie underscores the fundamental importance of nurturing successful relationships, a value at the core of Relevantz’s foundation. He explains, «We work with Fiserv in all spaces. They create some great products, and we help them deliver those, and the way we help them aligns completely with our cultural DNA.»

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape of the financial industry, sustaining partnerships is more crucial than ever. Fintech companies strive to out-innovate each other, offering seamless, frictionless products for financial and banking institutions. Georgie emphasizes that Relevantz can build innovative solutions, but in the ever-evolving landscape, products need continuous refreshment. He states, «This is part of what we do, identifying areas that can be modernized and refreshed because today modernization is a continuous process. It’s all about clearing the technical debt that gets accrued, and technical debt builds up far faster than it used to.»

The partnership between Relevantz and Fiserv is instrumental in creating and designing new digital architectures and platforms that stay ahead of the competition. Georgie notes that windows of time for modernization are shrinking with the advent of AI in financial services. He observes, «AI is going to be a key force in driving future growth in banking payments and transaction processing.» Together with Fiserv, Relevantz is poised to facilitate this transformation for the broader financial industry.

Relevantz, under the guidance of Georgie John, is not only driving fintech innovation but also championing the values of collaboration and continuous evolution in the dynamic world of financial technology. The partnership with Fiserv stands as a testament to their commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry.

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