CRIF Assists Financial Institutions in Achieving Sustainability Objectives

In the pursuit of sustainability goals, financial institutions are finding a strategic ally in CRIF, Europe’s foremost provider of consumer and business credit information. Beyond conventional financial services, CRIF is pioneering solutions that delve into the realms of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations, increasingly vital aspects for modern financial entities, as highlighted in FinTech Magazine.

The launch of ESG Analytics by CRIF marks a significant step forward. This innovative data repository and scoring service empower banks in the UK to swiftly and effectively evaluate the ESG profile of their domestic and EU-based suppliers, partners, and customer portfolios. Drawing upon over 130 key indicators derived from UK and EU sources, this solution analyzes crucial aspects such as water usage, waste production, emissions, health and safety records, anti-modern slavery measures, and inclusiveness.

Sara Costantini, Regional Director UK&I at CRIF, emphasizes the urgency of environmental protection, stating, «There’s no doubt that protecting the environment for future generations is the number one most pressing challenge for individuals, businesses, and governments today.» Costantini highlights the pivotal role financial institutions play in transitioning to a green economy, stressing the increasing importance of efforts to minimize environmental impact and promote good governance and social responsibility.

Currently, the UK lacks a unified ESG law or regulation. However, the Edinburgh Reforms proposed by the UK Government in 2022 lay the groundwork for a potential regulatory framework for financial providers, likely to come into effect in 2024. Costantini underscores the relevance of ESG compliance in light of growing regulatory attention, emphasizing how ESG Analytics equips financial entities to understand the impact of their business associations and informs decision-making in this critical domain.

CRIF’s ESG Analytics tool offers numerous advantages for banks, leveraging its extensive data repository and over 30 years of advanced analytics experience. Financial institutions can swiftly obtain comprehensive insights into the ESG credentials of UK and European businesses they engage with or consider collaborating with. By simply inputting the VAT or registration number of a UK or European business, financial institutions can access an ESG score alongside detailed indicators, streamlining the assessment process without direct engagement with the target company.

Key benefits for UK banks include identifying sustainable and ethically-conscious business partners, fostering future collaborations, advancing their own ESG objectives, safeguarding their reputation by mitigating ESG risks, and meeting reporting and compliance mandates for stakeholders, investors, and regulatory bodies.

CRIF’s commitment to sustainability underscores its pivotal role in assisting financial institutions navigate the evolving landscape of ESG considerations, contributing to a more responsible and resilient financial ecosystem.

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