Mangopay and Payplug Join Forces to Improve Marketplace Payment Solutions

Payplug and Mangopay, two leading Paris-based FinTech companies, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing payment offerings for marketplaces and platforms, as highlighted in Fintech Global News. 

The collaboration seeks to provide clients with a seamless payment process by combining payout solutions and pay-in expertise. This partnership, which comes as a natural progression given their shared headquarters in Paris, is poised to benefit businesses throughout Europe.

Payplug, known for its prowess as a payment service provider and acquirer, offers a solution that emphasizes performance and security. The company specializes in mastering the entire payment chain, enhancing transaction stages, facilitating data sharing, financial processing, and managing fraud in compliance with regulatory standards. With a direct connection to the Cartes Bancaires network and partnerships with major financial institutions like Groupe BPCE, Payplug provides its customers with significant benefits, including higher authentication rates and frictionless transactions.

Mangopay, established in 2013, is dedicated to offering a modular payment infrastructure tailored for marketplaces. Its approach emphasizes flexibility, allowing marketplaces to customize their payment solutions to meet specific needs. This adaptability has positioned Mangopay as a key player in the marketplace sector, providing scalable and flexible payment infrastructures.

The partnership between Payplug and Mangopay aims to enrich the marketplace ecosystem by merging Payplug’s pay-in solutions with Mangopay’s payout capabilities. This synergy is designed to create a frictionless payment experience for both buyers and sellers, ensuring secure and efficient transactions.

Payplug CEO Antoine Grimaud expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This partnership enables platforms and marketplaces to benefit from the best of both worlds as we add Mangopay’s leading payout solution to our payment chain expertise. We pride ourselves on providing frictionless, high-performance pay-in solutions, combined with secure, fraud-fighting technology. By joining forces with Mangopay, we are able to serve marketplaces and provide a smooth payment process from the purchase by the customers, to the settlement to marketplace sellers.”

Mangopay CEO Romain Mazeries also commented on the partnership, saying, “We’re constantly working to make our payment infrastructure ever more flexible to provide our platform and marketplace clients with a modular solution to suit their exact requirements and to help them scale. Working with partners such as Payplug are a key part of this strategy as we continue to grow our partner ecosystem, strengthen our proposition and broaden the solutions available to our clients. We have known Payplug since its inception, and it’s great to be working together again to provide clients with holistic, seamless and secure payment solutions.”

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