Convera Transforms Its Payments Network and Customer Services with AWS Migration

Convera, a prominent player in the global B2B payments FinTech sector, has achieved a major milestone by successfully migrating its payments network and customer services to Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), according to Fintech Global. This strategic move is set to revolutionize Convera’s customer experience, leveraging the agility and efficiency of AWS’ cutting-edge solutions.

Boasting decades of industry expertise, a vast global presence, and crucial technology partnerships, Convera empowers over 30,000 global clients with smarter financial transactions, allowing them to optimize the value of each transaction. The company serves a diverse clientele, ranging from small business owners and corporate treasurers to educational institutions, financial organizations, legal firms, and non-governmental organizations. Convera offers a wide range of solutions, from basic currency exchanges to advanced hedging strategies.

The migration to AWS signifies a pivotal moment for Convera as it accelerates its growth as a B2B commerce facilitator, embarking on a journey of digital innovation through increased product investments and enhanced scalability.

What makes this migration truly remarkable is that Convera managed to transfer petabyte-scale data across more than 200 applications, spanning hundreds of databases distributed across four legacy data centers, all within a remarkable ten-month timeframe. This achievement was made possible by adopting a unique ‘lift, twist, and shift’ strategy. The ‘twisting’ involved re-architecting and automating the infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code techniques, creating an abstraction layer for flexible and repeatable deployment, ultimately facilitating the ‘shifting’ of resources to AWS. This dynamic approach allowed Convera to migrate swiftly while positioning itself for rapid innovation.

Patrick Gauthier, CEO at Convera, expressed his excitement, saying, «This exciting development positions Convera to innovate and grow into a digital future. By enhancing our security systems and data flow, this AWS integration allows us to better service current and future customers around the world.»

William Gordon, Controller at Cogent Communications, shared his positive experience, stating, «The recent update to the system that the Convera team performed has dramatically improved performance. It was particularly noticeable in a recent batch that had almost 1,300 payments with the upload time reduced by 60-80%. In my process, the approval, reporting, and confirmation timing and lag decreased around 80-90%.»

Scott Mullins, managing director, Worldwide Financial Services, AWS, expressed his satisfaction, saying, «We’re pleased to work with a digital innovator like Convera in further harnessing its data to remain at the forefront of payments modernization, with speed, efficiency, and informed product investment. The scale and security of AWS provide the reliable infrastructure for Convera to deliver a frictionless experience and create new value for its global customers.»

Convera’s transition to a fully cloud-based system represents a significant leap forward. It empowers the company to develop a platform with fully automated payment infrastructure and industry-leading security measures, ensuring secure and efficient transactions for its clients.

Convera’s migration to AWS marks a momentous chapter in the company’s evolution, promising enhanced customer experiences and a brighter digital future.

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