Katanox Revolutionizes Hospitality Payments with PSD2 License: A Game-Changer for Accommodation Providers and Buyers

Katanox, a leading hospitality distribution and fintech platform, has unveiled a groundbreaking solution for accommodation providers and buyers in the Netherlands, as stated in The Fintech Times. With the acquisition of a PSD2 payment institution license from the Dutch National Bank, Katanox Financial Technology B.V., a subsidiary of the Katanox group, now offers regulated payment services throughout the European Economic Area (EEA), empowering users to seamlessly book and transact via bank payouts—all within a unified platform.

Paul Beukers, co-founder of Katanox, hailed the granting of the license as a pivotal milestone in their mission to streamline the accommodation booking process. He emphasized the platform’s commitment to efficiency and affordability, stating, «The granting of this license is an enormous next step in our one platform approach to provide accommodation buyers and sellers the most efficient products to distribute and transact properties and rooms. Not to mention extremely cost effective too.»

By centralizing the entire process—from distribution and booking to automated commission reconciliation and payouts—Katanox ensures that no money goes unaccounted for, offering unprecedented transparency and control to both accommodation providers and buyers.

The newly acquired license not only enhances operational efficiency but also serves as a superior alternative to virtual credit cards (VCCs), which are known for their high fees and susceptibility to errors. As outlined in Katanox’s payment series, VCC transactions typically incur significant costs, with hotels paying an average of 2.5-3% per transaction. In contrast, the B2B payments alternative provided by direct bank payouts offers a range of advantages, including simplicity, enhanced transaction security, lower fees for all parties involved, and ownership of distribution channels, fostering trusted relationships between buyers and sellers.

In addition to revolutionizing payments within the hospitality industry, Katanox is poised to expand its offerings into more markets and develop innovative products to further empower accommodation providers and buyers. With a relentless focus on delivering unparalleled value and efficiency, Katanox is reshaping the landscape of accommodation bookings and transactions, driving transformative change across the EEA.

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