Musoni System and Brankas Partner to Enhance Financial Services in Asia

Cloud banking and digitalization leader, Musoni System, has announced a strategic partnership with Open Finance company Brankas to elevate credit scoring and corporate financing in Asia, as reported in The Paypers News. This collaboration is anticipated to improve financial innovation by merging Musoni’s core banking system with Brankas’ extensive integration network.

Brankas, known for its integration with over 100 enterprise partners, including banks and fintechs, facilitates seamless account-to-account (A2A) payments, secure financial data retrieval, and expedited bank account openings. This partnership capitalizes on the strengths of both companies to introduce a new era of financial innovation.

The integration between Musoni and Brankas focuses on enhancing the capabilities of financial institutions by streamlining loan management, credit scoring, and collection offerings. This not only empowers financing institutions but also provides Musoni customers with convenient access to a diverse range of financial products. As the financial landscape constantly evolves, this collaboration aims to optimize operations and uplift the services of digital banks and financial organizations.

Casper Gottlieb Busch, Head of Global Sales at Musoni System, emphasized the importance of integrating technology solutions for the future of digitalization in financial services. This strategic partnership signifies a significant milestone in Musoni’s mission to enhance the value of financial services in Asia. The collaboration streamlines operations, improves customer experiences, and expands product offerings, ultimately contributing to the advancement of financial services in the region.

Brankas, an Open Finance technology provider, offers API-based solutions, data, and payments solutions to various financial service providers. The company’s Open Banking tech enables online businesses, fintechs, and digital banks to create innovative digital experiences for users. With a focus on real-time payments, identity verification, and data management, Brankas plays a pivotal role in modernizing the financial landscape.

The partnership between Musoni System and Brankas is set to reshape the financial services landscape in Asia. By leveraging the strengths of both companies, this collaboration aims to simplify operations, reduce time-to-market, and expand offerings, ultimately contributing to the advancement of financial services in the region.

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