Bowhead Specialty and Kalepa Improve AI-Driven Underwriting

Bowhead Specialty, a prominent provider of casualty and professional liability insurance, has announced a strategic partnership with Kalepa to deploy its Copilot underwriting platform. This move leverages advanced AI to enhance risk selection and customer experience, as stated in Fintech Global.

Following Bowhead’s successful $128 million oversubscribed IPO last week, this collaboration aims to keep the company at the forefront of technological advancements in the insurance industry. By integrating Kalepa’s innovative AI technology, Bowhead Specialty expects significant improvements in its top and bottom lines.

Stephen Sills, CEO of Bowhead Specialty, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, «Our partnership with Kalepa allows us to stay on the cutting edge. Many companies make big claims in their demos and talk about the potential of AI, but no one has impressed us as much as Kalepa.»

Kalepa’s Copilot platform uses AI to streamline the underwriting process, enabling underwriters to bind more policies more profitably. Jeff Saunders, Head of Casualty at Bowhead Specialty, highlighted, “Using Copilot helps us bind more policies, more profitably – it’s that simple. Our underwriters love Copilot because it helps them focus on submissions with the highest profit potential, analyse every risk to make an informed decision, and ultimately win more business.”

Kalepa CEO Paul Monasterio added, “We are delighted to collaborate with Bowhead Specialty, and we are proud of the many benefits that Copilot has already provided. Commercial insurance is a trillion-dollar industry on pace to double within the decade, but it has been left behind technologically for several decades. Copilot’s groundbreaking AI is changing that by delivering tangible improvements to growth, efficiency, and profitability for insurers of all sizes.”

This partnership marks a significant step forward for Bowhead Specialty in harnessing the power of AI to drive business growth and efficiency.

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