Thredd and B4B Payments Forge Alliance for US Debit and Prepaid Card Processing

Thredd, a renowned global payments processor, has ventured into the United States market for issuing debit and prepaid cards in collaboration with its esteemed partner, B4B Payments, as highlighted in Fintech Global News. This strategic move underscores Thredd’s dedication to aiding its clients in expanding into pivotal international markets while underscoring its support for US-based issuers with Durbin-compliant debit and prepaid processing services.

«This U.S. expansion is a significant milestone for Thredd,» remarked Jim McCarthy, CEO of Thredd, expressing his excitement about the venture. He emphasized the dual objective of supporting clients’ expansion goals and propelling Thredd’s growth in the US payments market. McCarthy further highlighted the importance of partnering with B4B Payments for this endeavor, emphasizing their trusted collaboration.

B4B Payments, known for its Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions, has been active in the US market since 2021. The collaboration with Thredd will facilitate the processing of dual-branded Visa and STAR Network cards, ensuring compliance with the stringent regulations governing debit processing in the US. This partnership solidifies the existing relationship between the two entities, extending from the UK and Europe to the United States.

Kieran Draper, CEO of B4B Payments USA, echoed the strategic significance of this partnership, stating, «Partnering with Thredd in the U.S. is strategically important for B4B Payments because it provides us with a single platform and processor for all programs in Europe, the UK, and the U.S.» Draper emphasized the seamless experience this alliance offers to global clients, enabling swift onboarding and confident scalability.

Thredd’s approach to building its US client base revolves around offering comprehensive support to businesses seeking entry into the American market. The services encompass processing debit and prepaid card transactions for Visa and various US-based PIN networks, including STAR, NYCE, Pulse, Accel, Maestro, Interlink, Plus, and Cirrus.

McCarthy emphasized Thredd’s agility as a modern payment processor capable of catering to diverse use cases, from digital banking to B2B disbursements. He asserted that Thredd is well-positioned to provide organizations with a trusted alternative to legacy US providers.

The collaboration between Thredd and B4B Payments signifies a pivotal advancement in the realm of US debit and prepaid card processing, offering global clients a seamless and competitive solution for their payment processing needs.

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