Cards Remain Merchants’ Top Choice Amidst Evolving Payment Landscape

Safety and security have emerged as the primary concerns for merchants when selecting payment methods, with a significant 72 percent of European merchants favoring cards over alternative payment options, as per a report by Payments Europe, the leading experts in paytech, according to The Fintech Times

The «Safety, Convenience and Choice: The True Value of Cards» report draws insights from a comprehensive survey involving 1,560 merchants engaged in both physical and online retail across France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Poland. This report underscores the rapid evolution of the payment market in Europe, marked by intense competition among providers, particularly in light of the continuous introduction of new products and services.

Apart from the paramount importance of safety and security, merchants also take into account customer preference, reach, convenience, and cost when selecting payment methods. When asked to evaluate various payment options, merchants overwhelmingly rated cards as their top choice, citing that cards align best with their requirements. Impressively, 67 percent of the surveyed merchants believe that card costs have either declined or remained stable over the past few years. Additionally, a substantial 87 percent of merchants believe that the benefits of using cards outweigh the associated costs.

Kerri McLaughlin, a member of Payments Europe from Citi, commented, «Payments are increasingly cashless, and the payments industry is called upon to constantly invest, innovate, protect and maintain resilience across the entire ecosystem.»

«Our research shows that merchants welcome diversification; the industry is fostering innovation and security; and cardholders benefit from greater choice. Cards have traditionally played an important role and continue to be the preferred payment solution, delivering innovation and resilience for both cardholders and merchants.»

Sascha Dewald, a member of the board of Payments Europe and representing Deutsche Kreditbank AG, emphasized the significance of integrating the growing demand for digital solutions into business transformation efforts. Dewald stated, «It’s one of the key differentiating traits of those better equipped to drive successful outcomes, and it is especially true for small merchants.»

«99.8 percent of all businesses in the EU are SMEs — which translates to 25 million enterprises and almost 100 million employees. Developing an all-encompassing payment acceptance strategy to drive revenue is not only about business. It’s about unlocking a prosperous Europe.»

As the European payment landscape evolves, cards have firmly entrenched themselves as the preferred choice for merchants, providing a secure, convenient, and cost-effective solution that aligns with evolving customer demands and industry trends.

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