Hepsipay and Visa Forge a Transformative Partnership to Expand Digital Payment Horizons

Hepsipay, the innovative platform wallet introduced by Hepsiburada, a prominent Turkish e-commerce platform, has taken a monumental leap in the world of digital payments. In an exciting development, Hepsipay has entered into a transformative partnership with Visa, a global leader in digital payments, according to Fintech Global news.

This strategic collaboration aims to empower Hepsipay users by granting global acceptance for their digital prepaid cards, facilitating seamless transactions for both online and physical purchases. Notably, Hepsipay holds the distinction of being the first and only platform wallet licensed by the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye.

Since its inception, Hepsipay has been committed to enhancing the payment experience for its users. This partnership with Visa underscores their dedication to providing fast, secure, and convenient payment solutions to their customers.

Visa, a globally recognized digital payments leader, offers an expansive technological network bolstered by advanced security products and services. With its unmatched scale and expertise, Visa ensures secure, worldwide payment capabilities.

As part of this collaboration, Hepsipay cards will proudly feature the Visa logo, marking a significant development for users. This integration will provide users with the convenience of creating digital cards within seconds, accessible through their Hepsipay accounts via Hepsiburada. Additionally, users can easily top up their cards through various methods, including transfers from credit or debit cards and bank account transfers.

Erkin Aydın, CEO of Hepsiburada Financial Services, expressed his enthusiasm for this milestone, stating, “Hepsipay was launched as the platform wallet of Hepsiburada. We are the first and only platform wallet licensed by the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye. Hepsipay cards now offer our customers an open loop payment solution. We describe this as expanding Hepsipay to the street. This agreement with Visa serves our goal of expanding our payment solutions outside the Hepsiburada platform and will benefit our customers, allowing them to use their cards at any payment point under the assurance of Visa and Hepsipay. We are excited to be able to benefit from Visa’s global experience.”

Samile Mümin, General Manager of Visa in Türkiye, echoed this excitement, stating, “We are pleased to partner with Hepsipay to offer their customers access to digital payments with Hepsipay Visa cards. Thanks to Visa’s global scale and our technological network protected by the most advanced security products and services, Hepsipay cardholders can now enjoy the freedom of paying securely, not just on the Hepsiburada platform, but anywhere worldwide. I would like to congratulate all the teams that contributed to the launch.”

The partnership between Hepsipay and Visa represents a significant advancement in the world of digital payments. It not only enhances the convenience and security of transactions for Hepsipay users but also expands the reach of Hepsipay’s payment solutions beyond the confines of their platform. As these two industry leaders join forces, users can look forward to a seamless and secure payment experience both online and in the physical world.

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