Ikano Bank Partners with Qlik Cloud to Fuel Digital Transformation

Ikano Bank, a renowned niche European financial institution, has embarked on a transformative journey by teaming up with Qlik Cloud to harness the immense potential of data and embrace a cloud-first approach, as highlighted in Fintech Global news. This strategic collaboration aims to drive digital transformation within the bank and enhance its overall performance.

The partnership with Qlik Cloud has ushered in a significant shift in how data and analytics are leveraged at Ikano Bank. By democratizing data access, the bank has made Qlik’s powerful tools available to a wider range of its employees. This newfound accessibility empowers them to craft dashboards and self-service content, ultimately facilitating data-driven decision-making across the organization.

One of the primary objectives of this union is to bring tangible improvements to the customer journey. Thanks to Qlik’s data insights, Ikano Bank has been able to pinpoint areas where customers were disengaging and take swift corrective actions to enhance the onboarding process. The result has been a notable increase in customer satisfaction and improved sales performance for the bank.

Ikano Bank operates across several European countries, including Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, the UK, Poland, Germany, and Austria. It is known for offering a diverse range of financial services and banking products, encompassing savings and loan products for consumers, sales support services for retailers, and leasing and factoring solutions for businesses.

On the other hand, Qlik Cloud is a leading platform renowned for its modern approach to analytics. It optimizes data warehousing and provisioning, making data more accessible throughout organizations. The platform seamlessly integrates data from over 30 different sources related to Ikano Bank’s finances, customers, staff, and compliance processes. Qlik Cloud’s user-friendly visual capabilities empower teams across the bank to work with data effectively, leading to better-informed decisions.

André Berlin, Business Intelligence Manager at Ikano Bank, expressed, «Feeding data into the cloud was a challenge at first as it’s a lot of data to transfer every day and most of our systems are still on-premises. But with Qlik Cloud and the Qlik Data Gateway, we are in a very good position to start moving even more data and more apps to the cloud as we go forward.»

Berlin continued, «Now all our departments make use of Qlik in some way, from small solutions with just one or a few users to broader bank-wide KPI dashboards with much bigger target audiences. A great example of where we have really benefited from Qlik is the improvements we’ve made to our customer onboarding process. The data has given us the insight to see where customers were dropping off, and also allows us to take actions and quickly follow up on the outcomes. The result is more satisfied customers and increased sales for the bank.»

Gareth Vincent, Senior Vice President of Sales, EMEA at Qlik, emphasized, «Driving successful customer outcomes is critical for financial organizations that operate in highly competitive environments such as Ikano Bank. With Qlik Cloud, Ikano Bank has a real-time view of their data that empowers their staff to take action on informed insights that benefit both their customers and the bank.»

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