Dojo Pocket Improves UK Restaurant Payments for Enhanced Customer Experience

In a world where the rising cost of living has made every pound count, the way Brits choose to spend their money is undergoing a transformation. One sector that’s seeing a seismic shift is dining out, with consumers placing greater emphasis on the overall experience rather than just the bill. This revelation comes courtesy of Dojo, a payments company on a mission to redefine dining experiences, as highlighted in The Fintech Times news. 

Dojo’s research reveals that 20 percent of Brits have developed a newfound appreciation for bars and restaurants compared to a year ago. The increasing financial pressure has made each dining experience more significant. A staggering 25 percent now actively seek venues that promise unforgettable moments, ensuring they maximize the value of their visit.

Surprisingly, 33 percent of respondents prioritize creating memorable restaurant or bar experiences over saving money. Astonishingly, 60 percent confess to spending the same or even more than they did a year ago.

But what makes these experiences truly memorable? For 84 percent of Brits, it’s all about receiving the right hospitality package. Fast, friendly, and efficient service, coupled with swift payment processing, are non-negotiables.

The importance of time cannot be overstated, with 23 percent revealing they’d search for an alternative venue if a restaurant or bar appears slow in serving them. Additionally, 29 percent prefer paying for their meals or drinks at the moment of ordering, while 56 percent find joy in receiving the bill promptly.

This shift in consumer preferences has not gone unnoticed by the industry. In response, Dojo has introduced «Dojo Pocket,» a cutting-edge card machine designed to fit seamlessly into a server’s apron or pocket, with dimensions matching those of a modern smartphone.

Dojo Pocket empowers servers to efficiently process orders and payments directly at guest tables. This innovation could potentially save venues up to four precious minutes per table, enabling them to accommodate more customers while still providing top-notch hospitality.

Jonathan Knott, head of customer insight at Dojo, remarked, «It is encouraging to see that despite tough times, Brits still seek to support both small and large hospitality businesses and continue to value a fantastic night out, enjoyable lunch, and memorable get-togethers across Britain’s high streets. Innovations like Dojo Pocket enhance the speed of service, allowing staff to focus on creating memorable experiences while turning tables faster.»

In the grand scheme of things, Dojo believes that groundbreaking technologies like Dojo Pocket and streamlined processes, such as next-day payments to merchants, are essential innovations within the payments sector.

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