Satago and Mmob Partner to Revolutionize Embedded Finance Integration

Satago, known for its innovative working capital solutions including Invoice Finance and Cash Flow management, has announced a strategic partnership with Mmob, a specialist in simplifying the integration process for digital financial services, as highlighted in Fintech Global News. 

The collaboration aims to simplify and expedite the integration of financial services into digital platforms. Leveraging mmob’s efficient API technology, the partnership will embed Satago’s comprehensive Working Capital solutions seamlessly into lenders’ and corporates’ systems. This partnership comes at a crucial time as the embedded finance market is expected to witness substantial growth, with significant revenue increases projected by 2028.

Satago offers a 3-in-1 Working Capital solution tailored for SMEs, integrating easily into existing digital frameworks. Their solutions, including Flexible Invoice Financing, Risk Insights, and Credit Control services, are designed to enhance the financial agility of small and medium enterprises.

Mmob acts as a universal API adaptor, enabling the quick and efficient integration of various financial services into business platforms without extensive development time. The technology supports automatic updates and cloud-based scalability, crucial for maintaining an adaptive digital ecosystem.

The collaboration with Mmob reduces the integration process required to embed Satago’s solutions to mere hours, thanks to mmob’s streamlined API technology. This not only eases the burden on development teams but also swiftly extends Satago’s financial services to a broader audience. The cloud-based updates ensure that the integrated solutions evolve with the client’s platform, maintaining optimal performance and relevance.

This partnership is in line with the forecasted 148% growth in the embedded finance market, with potential revenues expected to reach $228 billion by 2028, as per Juniper Research. This growth underscores the increasing demand for integrated financial solutions that Satago and Mmob are well-equipped to meet.

Sinead McHale, CEO of Satago, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We’re delighted to partner with Mmob – combining our industry-leading Invoice Finance and Cash Flow Management solutions with their seamless integration technology. This partnership allows us to drive the reach of our platform, allowing lenders and corporates to embed Satago’s transformative Working Capital solutions into their platforms in as little as two hours of integration time.

“This ultimately benefits end-users the most, enabling us to place the increased visibility, control, flexibility, and intelligence that Satago provides into the hands of more global partners – and their thousands of small business customers – with ease.”

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