SumUp Unveils New Product Features to Empower Small Businesses

Global fintech leader, SumUp, has taken a giant leap towards supporting small businesses by unveiling an impressive array of new product features at its annual event, as outlined in Finextra News.

Among the key highlights of the announcement are enhancements to SumUp’s services tailored for small-scale merchants. The SumUp business account will now introduce digital cards and offer users the option to incorporate MasterCard into their digital wallets. Furthermore, customers will enjoy the convenience of using Tap to Pay services within Europe.

SumUp has also revamped its online store, providing businesses with a platform to effortlessly establish a free e-commerce site and promptly commence the sale of products. The updated system now offers instant order processing, comprehensive order analysis, and a sophisticated order categorization system. Additionally, merchants can now entice consumers with discount codes and a wide range of shipping options.

In addition to these improvements, SumUp introduces two new offerings — Point of Sale (POS) Lite and POS Pro. These options promise advanced features for over-the-counter sales and robust stock management capabilities. POS Lite boasts Bluetooth and USB cable connections, ensuring maximum convenience at the checkout, while POS Pro showcases inventory visibility on the checkout screen.

Moreover, SumUp has enhanced its invoice design for increased functionality and speed. Additionally, they have introduced a self-service sales kiosk, providing a convenient option for customers.

Anna Kuriakose, Chief Product Officer at SumUp, expressed the company’s commitment to supporting businesses in these challenging times, saying, «As the cost of living and inflation continue to impact businesses of all sizes, we are dedicated to helping our customers succeed by offering an integrated ecosystem of products that work together to be more than the sum of its parts.»

SumUp’s latest product features demonstrate their unwavering dedication to empowering small businesses and providing them with the tools they need to thrive in today’s dynamic market.

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