Payabl. and GonnaOrder Join Forces to Transform Hospitality Payments

In a groundbreaking partnership, payabl., a prominent European PayTech company, has joined forces with GonnaOrder, a global online ordering platform specializing in the hospitality industry, according to Fintech Global News. This collaboration aims to revolutionize payment solutions in the hospitality sector, benefitting both merchants and customers.

Payabl., established in 2011 and headquartered in Europe, has grown into a leading player in the PayTech industry. The company operates across multiple European countries, including Germany, Netherlands, Cyprus, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, and the UK, offering an extensive range of payment services, including over 300 payment methods. Payabl. is known for its innovative and customer-centric approach, providing forward-looking payment solutions across various sectors.

GonnaOrder, on the other hand, operates in 15 countries, including the UK, France, The Netherlands, and the US. Their specialty lies in providing a digital menu and ordering solution tailored to the hospitality industry. This platform allows customers to conveniently order and pay using their smartphones, with the added advantage of 0% commission and no setup fees, making it an appealing choice for merchants.

The collaboration between payabl. and GonnaOrder is multi-faceted, with payabl. offering its cutting-edge payment services to GonnaOrder while also launching a referral program. This partnership aims to create a more streamlined and efficient payment system within the hospitality industry, enhancing the overall experience for both merchants and customers.

Nikolett Palinkas, SVP of Client Relations at payabl., emphasized the company’s commitment to meeting merchant needs, stating, «Our main priority is always meeting our merchants’ needs – supporting them on their growth journeys and catering to their unique requirements, utilizing our full-stack payments offering, from POS terminals to card acquiring and Local Payment methods.» She expressed excitement about working with GonnaOrder, highlighting their shared focus on customer-centric solutions and the potential for this partnership to evolve in the near future.

Nikolaos Magoulas, CEO, and Co-Founder at GonnaOrder also praised the partnership, saying, «Our collaboration with payabl. has been extremely valuable for GonnaOrder. Their expertise in the payments tech scene has fueled our growth in many ways. Working with payabl.’s team of professionals has been rewarding and it has elevated our capabilities, setting the stage for a prosperous (and very scalable) future ahead.»

This strategic alliance between payabl. and GonnaOrder holds the promise of transforming the way payments are handled in the hospitality industry, offering a more integrated and customer-focused experience for all stakeholders involved.

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