Mangopay Partners with Aria to Improve B2B Payment Services

Mangopay, a platform-specific payment infrastructure provider, has joined forces with Aria, a specialist in deferred payment infrastructure for B2B marketplaces and platforms, in an exciting new collaboration aimed at transforming B2B payment services, as stated by PYMNTS

This groundbreaking partnership seeks to empower B2B marketplaces and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies with cutting-edge tools to streamline their payments and credit management, as reported by FinTech Finance News on Tuesday (Nov. 7).

By integrating Mangopay’s robust payment services with Aria’s expertise in credit assessment and lending solutions, businesses operating in the B2B marketplace and SaaS sectors can significantly enhance the quality of their payment experiences.

Aria’s B2B offerings include a range of immediate payment options, deferred payment collections, efficient fund disbursement to vendors, and meticulous management of marketplace operator commissions. These comprehensive services play a pivotal role in reducing credit and payment risks for businesses.

Through this collaboration, businesses will have the flexibility to purchase goods and defer payment for up to 90 days, while sellers receive payment upon the shipment of goods. This arrangement not only boosts sales volume but also bolsters cash flow management for both sellers and buyers. Moreover, it empowers marketplaces to customize their checkout processes, providing a more tailored customer experience.

This partnership between Mangopay and Aria underscores their commitment to driving payments innovation within the realm of B2B marketplaces. By combining modularized marketplace payment infrastructure with comprehensive credit solutions, these companies aim to provide marketplaces with greater control over their payment strategies and improved access to trade credit.

Luke Trayfoot, Chief Revenue Officer at Mangopay, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, «Our aim is to power the payment infrastructure and operations of the world’s largest and most innovative marketplaces and platforms. Together with Aria, we believe in paving the way for a future where payment solutions are not just seamless but also transformative.»

Clément Carrier, CEO of Aria, also shared his excitement, saying, «Our partnership with Mangopay, a major player with extensive reach in B2B marketplaces, better positions us to deliver a market-leading customer experience. It demonstrates how two innovative fintech organizations can work together to simplify access to necessary payment options for B2B marketplaces.»

In another recent development, Mangopay was granted an electronic money institution (EMI) license by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), as previously reported by PYMNTS earlier this month.

This milestone license enables the B2B payment infrastructure provider, which currently supports over 2,500 platforms and marketplaces worldwide, to offer its services to U.K.-based firms. This includes issuing electronic money, facilitating digital payments, and providing a range of other payment solutions.

Mangopay CEO Romain Mazeries emphasized the company’s dedication to providing marketplaces and platforms with tailored, modular solutions that simplify payments, adding that «this FCA authorization will unlock further innovation in the U.K. market.»

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