Digiseq and Unlimit Revolutionize Payment Experience at 2023 Rugby World Cup

In a groundbreaking collaboration, wearable payments company Digiseq has partnered with Unlimit to introduce contactless prepaid key fobs and access control to enhance the experience of 1000 guests attending the 2023 Rugby World Cup. This innovative move has transformed the way attendees pay for their everyday expenses during the event, as outlined in Finextra news.

Among the fortunate recipients of these pre-loaded key fobs were the staff and VIP guests of World Cup partners such as Capgemini, Jaguar Land Rover, and Asahi Beer. This strategic initiative not only streamlines transactions but also adds a touch of convenience to the World Cup experience.

Digiseq’s cutting-edge technology was seamlessly integrated with Unlimit’s Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution. This integration not only simplifies payments but also allows users to check their available fund balance effortlessly. By tapping the key fob against their smartphones, attendees can stay updated on their financial resources, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free payment process.

Iain Case, Solutions Integration Manager at Digiseq, expressed his enthusiasm for this innovative venture, stating, «Digiseq’s innovative use of wearable tech is opening the gateway to countless exciting and immersive experiences for millions of sports fans, all of which are now easily accessible through wearable gadgets that effortlessly travel with them.»

This groundbreaking partnership between Digiseq and Unlimit is set to revolutionize the way sporting events are experienced, with the Rugby World Cup being just the beginning. The marriage of wearable technology and seamless payments promises to offer unparalleled convenience and enhance the overall enjoyment of major sporting events. As this trend gains momentum, it’s likely that we’ll see similar collaborations in the future, further enhancing the intersection of technology and sports.

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