WHILLET: New Generation Fintech-Solution

With small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) accounting for almost two-thirds of new employment in the US in recent years, business start-ups aren’t new. However, since the Covid-19 pandemic hit in late 2019 and countries around the globe went into lockdown, the rate of growth in business start-ups in the US alone surged in 2020, with recent figures from the US Census Bureau for October 2021 showing new business registrations remain high at over 400,000 in just one month.

This business creation bonanza backdrop is great for the economy but also means demand is on the up for different service providers who can help these new businesses get up, running and making profits. Enter fintech firm Whillet, the eWallet and online financial services specialist which can help your new business accept online payments in any industry and on almost any platform.

An Easy Solution for New Businesses

For many new business owners starting up their dream company, getting that big idea set up online and connecting with a customer base can seem like the biggest challenge. However, while that is among the most important elements of a start-up, the ability to manage payments efficiently and in a cost-effective way – for both the merchant and the customer – is also of huge importance.

That’s where Whillet comes in. It is designed to provide a seamless online payment service – with added benefits:

·       The platform integrates with your website and branding with no switch to a third-party site at payment.

·       It’s easy to use for you as the business owner and your customers – consumers or corporate.

·       Whillet handles the paperwork including banking licenses and necessary certification.

·       Transparent costs and secure payment and payout processes ensure you know exactly where your payments are and how much the service is costing.

·       A dedicated team of specialists to help you get set up, along with 24/7 technical support as standard.

Suitable For Every Type of Customer

·       Big data analytics to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and to grow your business.

Our easy-to use system is suitable for merchants dealing directly with the public or on a business-to-business model. Our fintech expertise means you don’t have to worry about the technical side of the payments and can focus on your product or service and delivering it to your customers.

With the versatile Whillet eWallet and payment system you can receive or send secure payments to:

·       Businesses or any size.

·       Individuals such as freelancers or customers requiring a refund.

·       Split payments between different marketplaces. 

·       Move money between accounts on your platform.

·       Provide customer loyalty bonuses including cashback.

But that’s not all. Whillet is more than an online payment system – we can help you build your business and expand nationally and globally. We do this by providing you with all the data you need about your payment and financial activity, history and achievements.

Whillet is a next generation fintech business that can give you and your customers the bank-as-a-service you’ve been searching for. Move your new business forward with our easy-to-use online payment system and achieve the success you’ve been working for.

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