Hyundai Launches Innovative Hyundai Pay for In-Vehicle Payments

Hyundai Motor America has unveiled an innovative payment system, Hyundai Pay, aimed at simplifying the lives of vehicle owners, according to The Fintech Times. This groundbreaking system allows customers to effortlessly make payments through their vehicle’s touchscreen, capitalizing on securely stored credit card information. Developed in collaboration with Parkopedia, the initial service offered by Hyundai Pay is centered around parking payments, granting U.S. drivers the convenience of locating, reserving, and paying for parking at over 6,000 locations, all from within their vehicles.

The debut of Hyundai Pay will be featured in the 2024 Hyundai Kona, with plans to expand this seamless payment system to nine additional Hyundai models in the near future. This strategic move aligns perfectly with Hyundai’s dedication to enhancing digital ownership experiences and streamlining the driving process for its customers.

Hyundai Pay transforms the in-vehicle experience by facilitating payments for various services directly through the vehicle’s touchscreen and Bluelink connected car system. The primary objectives are to enhance convenience, elevate the driving experience, and ensure the utmost security of payments by utilizing tokenization to safeguard sensitive card account details.

The partnership between Hyundai and Parkopedia aims to address the pervasive parking challenges faced by drivers. Parkopedia’s 2023 Global Driver Survey revealed that an astonishing 94 percent of U.S. drivers encounter difficulties when seeking parking spaces. Hans Puvogel, Chief Operating Officer at Parkopedia, emphasized the high interest shown by U.S. Hyundai drivers in accessing parking information and services via their vehicles. He stated, «We are proud to be the first in-car commerce service to launch on the future-proof Hyundai Pay platform, which shows significant faith in the auto-grade quality of our services from one of the leading automakers. We look forward to additional models and vehicle services going live in the future.»

Hyundai Pay is seamlessly accessible through Hyundai’s Bluelink connected car services app, offering a connected experience for drivers whether they are at home or on the move. This groundbreaking system empowers drivers to effortlessly view, book, and access past parking sessions, effectively mitigating the stress associated with parking searches.

Olabisi Boyle, Vice President of Product Planning and Mobility Strategy at Hyundai Motor North America, commented on the innovation, saying, «Hyundai Pay is the latest example of our continuous advancements in smart mobility and software-defined vehicles. With Hyundai Pay’s scalable e-commerce platform, we can elevate customer convenience and extend their digital reach by making everyday needs—like finding and paying for parking—easier, swifter, and safer via our connected-car, integrated-cockpit, and secure-transaction technology.»

For those eager to take advantage of Hyundai Pay, it is currently available on select Hyundai models. To access this revolutionary payment system, users will need the MyHyundai mobile app and an active Bluelink subscription agreement. Hyundai Pay promises to redefine the driving experience, offering a glimpse into the future of automotive convenience and connectivity.

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