Airwallex Partners with Bird to Revolutionize Global Payments Systems

Airwallex, a prominent global payments and financial platform catering to modern businesses, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Bird (formerly MessageBird), a global communication platform, as stated in Fintech Global News. This collaboration aims to significantly enhance Bird’s international payments operations.

Founded in Melbourne in 2015 and currently headquartered in Singapore, Airwallex operates in over 20 locations worldwide, boasting a workforce of 1,400 employees with plans for further expansion. On the other hand, Bird facilitates seamless communication across various channels, including WhatsApp, Email, SMS, and more, serving over 29,000 businesses worldwide.

The partnership between Airwallex and Bird seeks to address the complexities and inefficiencies in Bird’s financial operations stemming from managing multiple currencies and banking relationships globally. Through this collaboration, Bird aims to streamline and consolidate its financial processes into a unified system using Airwallex’s robust financial infrastructure.

By leveraging Airwallex’s infrastructure, Bird has successfully centralized its financial operations across various entities and currencies. This integration has not only enhanced visibility and control over finances but also automated supplier payments globally. Additionally, the collaboration has resulted in a superior integration with Netsuite, offering increased consistency and depth of reconciliation for Bird’s financial team.

Both Airwallex and Bird are exploring further opportunities to leverage their partnership to enhance Bird’s financial operations on a global scale.

Bird CEO Robert Vis commented, «Prior to working with Airwallex, we were using legacy systems and technology which slowed down our entire global operations. With Airwallex, we’re able to streamline our payments infrastructure and supercharge our finance operations globally. We are continuing to explore more opportunities to leverage the Airwallex product and I look forward to deepening our relationship with the team.»

Airwallex Executive General Manager, EMEA Pranav Sood said, «Bird is one of the standout success stories in the Dutch tech community and has revolutionized the way that consumers and businesses communicate on a global scale. We’re proud that Airwallex’s financial technology and payments infrastructure can support Bird’s mission of creating a world where communicating with a business is as easy as talking with a friend. We’re looking forward to deepening our partnership with Bird and serving many more world-leading Dutch businesses with our growing local team in Amsterdam.»

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